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HEAD OFFICE: Số 54 Trần Nhân Tông, P. Nguyễn Du, Q. Hai Bà Trưng, TP. Hà Nội

Tel: (84-4) 3943.3840 Fax: (84-4) 3943.3844

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Chairman: Mr. Bui Duy Chinh

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Mai Tien Dung

Head office of Vinacontrol

Vinacontrol Group Corporation, formerly Vietnam Goods Inspection Company, established on 24th October 1957, is the first inspection organization in Vietnam.

Head office is located in Hanoi and a wide network of over 26 branches, sub-branches and subsidiaries in the big cities, main ports, trading centers and frontier passes through out Vietnam, with a team of 1000 qualified and professional senior managers, surveyors and staffs in various fields and industries.

Vinacontrol is the leading and reputable inspection organization in Vietnam, providing a wide range of services with diversified technical capability, professional and experienced inspectors and surveyors. Vinacontrol’s facilities and equipments have been continuously increased, upgraded in order to meet with the clients’ requirements of inspection, testing and analyzing, with 06 (six) laboratories certified in conformity with the national standard (VILAS).

Vinacontrol Certificate is considered as the objective and right proof which helps client in solving several matters such as appeal, payment, receipt and delivery, insurance, sales & purchase and pledge…in the activities of production, trading and investment.

Vinacontrol commits to provide the high quality of service which is met with client’s legitimate requirements.


Checking quantity of steel billet at the port

Damage Assessment of goods

Monitoring over length over weight equipments in progress of domestic transportation – The Son La Hydropower Project

Draft survey

Inspection of automobile assembly line

Inspection of machineries and equipments

Final inspection of equipments before installing electronic workshop – secondary vocational school No. 5 – ODA 7 project – Ministry of Defense

Checking radioactive level in imported metal scraps

Vessel fumigation

Analyzing/testing sample at the laboratory

-  To inspect the specification, quality, condition, quantity - weight, packing and marking of various kinds of goods and commodities (including machinery and equipments, production lines, gemstones, precious and rare metals…)

-   To undertake overall supervision of the goods during production, delivery and receipt, preservation, transportation, loading/discharging…; Supervision of installation and assembly of equipments and production lines; Assessment, consultancy and supervision of construction project

-  To survey transportation vehicles and containers; Marine survey services; Gas-free inspection of the ship before loading, repairing or destructing

-   To provide damaged survey; To act as Agent for domestic & foreign insurance companies in damage survey, adjusting and setting claims

-     Sampling, testing and analyzing in the laboratory

-   To provide the technical inspection of Occupational Safety

-   To measure and set up the capacity table for waterway transportation vehicle

-   To provide the calibration service for measurement devices

-     Destructive Testing and Non Destructive Testing

-    To provide inspect services for the State management purpose in the following fields: goods origin; quality management; goods hygiene and safety; project finalization; environment protection (inspection of industrial sanitation; water and sewage treatment); customs clearance service

-   To provide other related services, as: fumigation, price evaluation, non-destructive testing (NDT), welding test, testing of measurement devices & equipments, calibration of tank/lighter, tallying, auditing quality management system on client’s request

-    To provide consultancy,  audit service   and certify the application of management system in conformity with international standards; To provide consultancy services of goods quality and commercial legal matters

-     Product certification

-    To  inspect  the  conformity  of load      bearing capacity of the project/ work; to inspect and certify the quality of construction work, machinery, equipment, materials, construction materials (as State management regulation)

-     To provide the technology transfer service

-   To supervise construction of civil and industrial works, specialize in supervision of equipments installation, automatic electricity technology

-  To supervise construction equipment installation

-     To supervise technology equipment installation

-  To  supervise the  electrical  and  eletronics equipment installation of construction work level 4

-    To supervise the installation mechanical and technology equipment of construction work

-  To provide the consultancy service of equipment installation

-    To provide consultancy service in setting up Bidding documents, evaluating Bids documents: consultancy, construction , equipment supply and installation

-  To verify estimation documents, final settlement of civil and industrial construction, transportation and irrigational works; To consult the setting up of construction investment project

-     Goods import-export entrustment

-     To provide the Customs Clearance service

-  To provide consultancy service in   equitization, consolidation, trading, mergence of enterprise (excluding legal consultancy)

To provide training service of price  valuation and other related professional skills (with prior consent of Authorized State Organization)

-      Real estate trading

-  To provide hotel & office for rent (excluding karaoke, bar discotheque service)

-     To carry out other inspection and services entrusted by domestic and international inspection organizations



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Vinacontrol Group Corporation is the first assessment organizations, most with prestigious brand in Vietnam. VNC provides expertise and services ...